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Group Picture, taken in summer 2023. 

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Elvera and William R. Stuckenberg Professor

Director of Center for Carbon Management 

Department of Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering

Washington University in St. Louis

Office location: Brauer Hall 1003

Mailing address: One Brookings Drive
Brauer Hall, room 1015, St. Louis MO 63130

Email address:

Full CV download here


Wanyu Deng

Postdoctoral Researcher



Graduate Student

I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Chem. Eng. in 2018. I joined the Jiao group in Fall 2019 and I am pursuing a PhD degree in Chem. Eng. with a focus on electrochemistry. My research interests are in the design and optimization of electrochemical devices and their materials.



Graduate Student

I received a B.S. in chemical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2020. I joined the Jiao group in 2020 to pursue my PhD in chemical engineering. My research interest is designing electrochemical devices.



Graduate Student

I graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Carolina in 2020 and joined the Jiao group to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering. I hope to use the expertise I gain to bridge science and public policy with a focus on energy and climate.


Ahryeon Lee

Graduate Student

I received a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Yonsei University in 2018 and an M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2020. I joined the Jiao group in 2022 to pursue my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with a research interest in electrocatalysis.


Jia Yu

Incoming Postdoctoral Researcher


Shuyi Kong

Incoming Postdoctoral Researcher


Hefei Li

Incoming Postdoctoral Researcher


Junnan Li

Incoming Postdoctoral Researcher

Former Group Members:

Izak Minnie, Graduate student, 2023.

Gen Yarema, Graduate student, 2023.

Matt Naughton, Graduate student, 2022-2023.

Dr. Rong Xia, Visiting graduate student & Postdoc researcher, 2019-2023.

Haeun Shin, Ph.D., 2019-2023.

Sean Overa, Ph.D., 2019-2023.

Dr. Bjorn Hasa, Postdoc researcher, 2020-2023.

Byung Hee (Brian) Ko, Ph.D., 2018-2022.

Dr. Yaran Zhao, Postdoc researcher, 2019-2021.

Emily Jeng, M.Ch.E., 2016-2020.

Matthew Jouny, Ph.D., 2015-2020.

Wesley Luc, Ph.D., 2014-2019.

Dr. Hongjie Tang, Postdoc researcher, 2017-2019.

Jingjing Lyu, Visiting graduate student, 2017-2018.
Dr. Wenlei Zhu, Postdoc researcher, 2017-2018.

Charles Collins, Undergraduate researcher, 2015-2017.
Andrew Craft, M.Ch.E., 2015-2017.
Jonathan Rosen, Ph.D., 2011-2016.
Dr. Qi Lu, Postdoc researcher, 2012-2016.
Yan Zhang, M.Ch.E., 2012-2015.
Gregory Hutchings, Ph.D., 2010-2015.
Bryan Yonemoto, Ph.D., 2010-2015.
Seif Yusuf, M.Ch.E., 2010-2012.

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